About Us

MISSO works to facilitate enduring relationship with professors, alumni, and professionals. The resources available to our members are invaluable as students conduct their studies and in their future as IT Professionals. As you build the foundations of your academic pursuits through the University of Houston as a student, membership in MISSO will build upon that foundation and establish your professional networks.

"A Trip Down Memory Lane: MISSO Celebrates 35 Years at Bauer College"
The Management Information Systems Student Organization aims to put each member in the best position to succeed as students at the University of Houston. We do this by providing an atmosphere of fellowship and scholarship in learning, while partnering with employers in mutually beneficial relationships to help jump-start careers.

MISSO believes in actualizing academic pursuits with real world professional development. We’ve been working to create successful professionals since 1982 and work diligently everyday to continue this legacy of excellence by developing the future one student at a time.
MISSO provides our members with our own Career Mixer with companies that are looking to hire you. The Career Mixer was specifically designed for members exclusively. So that means no more standing in long lines and talking to companies that aren’t looking or hiring MIS majors. As a bonus, paid members are able to attend for free.
As an organization we regularly offer Professional Events to provide our members with great networking opportunities and gain valuable insight in the inner workings of the IT profession. Professional Meetings are events where companies send their recruiters to talk about their respective organizations while also meeting with our members to seek out potential future employees.

The MISSO Career Fair is an exclusive Business Technology focused Career Fair for our members to meet with a plethora of recruiters. Both events allow recruiters to meet our members, find candidates for their open positions and give members invaluable information for their professional development.
MISSO offers Educational Workshops to serve as review sessions for our members covering material from the University’s most technical classes.Before any Java, Database, or Transaction Processing exam, MISSO’s education officers hold review sessions to better prepare our members for the difficulties they can face from these fields.

As students, we understand some of the difficulties that can come from learning a new skillset. Whether you are a new student, an upperclassman, or you just want to learn, MISSO has everything you need to make your envisioned success story a reality.
MISSO’s social events provide a place for our members to build relationships, work together and learn from each other. We regularly conduct Bake Sale Parties to give our members experience on the complexities of business projects while exposing members that partake an opportunity to engage in a team framework for a successful objective.

MISSO believes in giving back to the community. We offer Community Service opportunities for our members to gain important experiences in teamwork events. We strive to make our city and our community a better place for our fellow citizens by actively participating in humanitarian projects around the city.