Accumulate points by attending events. Please visit the Point System page for more information

*Officers are not included for prizes*

Only events up to May 7th will be added to points

Last Updated : 4/30/2017

Rank First Name Last Name Points
1 Megan Manceaux 745
2 Miguel Casanova 690
3 Stephanie Huynh 600
4 Nathan Nguyen 560
5 Josh Tissera 555
6 Elizabeth Chau 550
7 Binh Tran 535
8 Lucy Tran 490
9 Angela Lin 455
10 Kennedy Chavies 440
11 Jack Huynh 425
12 William Arevalo 425
13 Azeema Momin 410
14 Juan Castillo-Herrera 410
15 Robert Rodriguez 410
16 Humza Baig 400
17 Andy Trauco Flores 395
18 Simran Kaur 385
19 Peyton Fane 385
20 Rae Kim 385
21 Lam Cao 375
22 Kacey Schoenemann 370
23 Austin Martinez 360
24 Omar Qureshi 330
25 Anh Tran 325
26 Antonio Cardona 315
27 Justin Sisourath 310
28 Rubi Vasquez 310
29 Joshua Hoque 310
30 Quoc Nguyen 285
31 Julie Hess 285
32 Mahek Hooda 285
33 Chae Jung 280
34 Edgar Roman 275
35 Jerick Alegarbes 270
36 Wes Tran 270
37 Elvis Le 270
38 Melisa Galhena 260
39 Brad Cathcart 250
40 Daniel Flores Herrera 245
41 Enrique Pantoja 230
42 Yasin Shaikh 220
43 Karla Sanchez 210
44 Tanner Emery 210
45 Alexander Nguyen 210
46 Eric Vander Ziel 200
47 Bobby Sharp 190
48 Ruby Aguirre 180
49 Eduardo Leon 180
50 Melissa Nguyen 175
51 Vi Pham 175
52 Jacob Land 160
53 Vanessa Serrano 160
54 Daniel Adaramola 160
55 Ivan Rincon 160
56 Raymond Fung 160
57 Eric Groot 155
58 Hsuanyin Jou 155
59 Coleman Kendrick 150
60 Mikala Smikal 150
61 Deyja Vu 145
62 Saige Reid 145
63 Rohith Selvarajan 140
64 Evan Martinez 140
65 Vy Ngo 140
66 Sally Chiu 130
67 Tristan Fleming 125
68 Heli Cienfuegos 120
69 Julie nghiem 120
70 Shan Momin 120
71 Jay Leavell 110
72 Amanda Barreto 110
73 Mohsin Syed 110
74 Aiyaz Maknojia 110
75 ricardo lopez 110
76 Monica Hernandez 110
77 Arub Abubakar 110
78 Aaron Adrian 110
79 Mustafa Hussain 105
80 Tina Eradi 105
81 Saqib Ahmad 100
82 Sokna Nao 100
83 Brandon Caguioa 100
84 Samantha Houston 95
85 Zechariah Felton 90
86 Samantha Duran 90
87 Travis Moseley 85
88 Elaine Tran 80
89 William Pfeffer 80
90 Thomas Duplantis 80
91 Robert Chambers 80
92 Kevin Pham 80
93 Timothy Grant 80
94 Emi Loong 80
95 Mustafa Lokhandwala 80
96 Joseph Price 80
97 Ilyasa Singleton 75
98 Gloria Liu 75
99 Paul Kim 75
100 Hannah Gubbels 75
101 Efrain Lopez 70
102 Andrew Manashi 70
103 Laura Adams-Ortiz 70
104 Khawaja Taha 70
105 Lancaster Michael 70
106 Ikhide Otoikhine 70
107 Masooma Rangwala 65
108 William Doan 65
109 Katherine Corrigan 65
110 Sergio Vazquez 60
111 Susie Almaguer 60
112 Harsh Shah 60
113 William Hartojo 60
114 Cruz Cabrales 60
115 Joseph Trinh 60
116 Crissilla Castillo 60
117 Shivani Jawa 60
118 Neethu Kurian 60
119 John Blum 60
120 Jose Carrizales 55
121 Qasim Ahmad 55
122 YiKai Huang 50
123 Daniyal Shah 50
124 Ittaf Alzibdeh 50
125 Sana Asadullah 50
126 Nhat Do 50
127 Musse Hersi 50
128 Robert Comer 50
129 Adan Diaz 50
130 Mason Degan 50
131 Hassaan Junaid 50
132 Johan Torres 50
133 Ali Hyder 50
134 Kelly Dinh 50
135 Jack Barchie 50
136 Uneza Abid 50
137 Danial Khan 50
138 Murtaza Eski 50
139 Ho Kwan Alex Yeung 50
140 Abisoye Joseph 50
141 Ridha Altaf 45
142 Consuelo Mercader 45
143 Fatima Siddiqi 45
144 Victoria Ruiz 45
145 Krystal Ip 45
146 Angel Zamarron 45
147 Sai Gattu 45
148 Melissa Armstrong 45
149 Amanda Allen 40
150 Esteban Aguirre 40
151 David Vasco 40
152 Tuyet Nguyen 40
153 Rafa Farihah 40
154 Matthew Sananikone 40
155 Holly Patel 40
156 Theresa Tran 35
157 Shahrose Khan 35
158 Vu Peter Le 35
159 David Alfaro-Lopez 35
160 Nicholas Jones 35
161 Syed Mahdi 35
162 Aaron Yuen 35
163 Steven Paez 35
164 Duy Dinh 35
165 Jacqueline Duong 30
166 Hamaad Markhiani 30
167 Carol Harkness 30
168 Jacob Reynolds 30
169 Daniel Akhtar 30
170 My Duyen Van 30
171 Lan Lai 30
172 Christopher Nguyen 30
173 Sephali Desai 30
174 Christian Galang 30
175 Lyndsey Page 30
176 Zubair Mughal 30
177 Elisa Pai 30
178 Taqdees Fatima 30
179 Shan Ahmad 30
180 Taha Ayub 30
181 Michael Aguirre 30
182 Saboor Salahuddin 30
183 Jun (Tony) Lee 30
184 Nick Svay 30
185 Schery Garcia Tirado 30
186 Joseph Becker 30
187 David Martin 30
188 Muhammad Kothawala 25
189 Noel Lopez 25
190 Haseeb Ahmad 25
191 Zoya Zulfiqar 25
192 Richard Doan 25
193 Brianna Mosby 25
194 Zach Dobson 25
195 Lindsey McDougall 20
196 Belen Cosme 20
197 Kevin Nguyen 20
198 Miriam Valero 20
199 Temitayo Ogunboye 20
200 Venkata Chilakapati 20
201 Scott Schulz 20
202 Jamie Setterbo 20
203 Kush Somaiya 20
204 Sahl Baig 20
205 Roopali Mehra 20
206 Phillip Thai 20
207 Michael Au-Yeung 20
208 Syed Raza 20
209 Ramsha Chishty 20
210 Edgar Melchor 20
211 Tuan Vu 20
212 Daniel LePham 20
213 Robert Garey 20
214 Iman Virani 20
215 Rohit Dewnani 20
216 Xavier Reyes 20
217 Diayane Aguirre Almeida 20
218 Jawaria Gaffar 20
219 Robert Garey 20
220 April Wood 20
221 Nabia Kalia 20
222 Dylan McCorquodale 20
223 Arpit Bajpai 20
224 Khatija Sayani 20
225 Safa Vaid 20
226 Xiaoling Chen 20
227 Dave Giang 20
228 Carlin Sugano 20
229 Troy Babauta 20
230 Adam Montasser 20
231 Bon Do 20
232 Wasim Rinawi 20
233 Shagufta Dadabhoy 20
234 Saman Gharagozlou 20
235 Hugo Salinas 20
236 Gyeongdu “Arthur” Lee 20
237 Emily Hinson 15
238 Imran Khan 15
239 Bryan Monleon 15
240 Raj Patel 15
241 Joel Martinez 10
242 Chelsey Henriquez 10
243 Selena Perez 10
244 Ashley Dang 10
245 Maria Anh Khuat 10
246 Lilian Komba 10
247 Kevin Pham 5
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MISSO members are the best candidate for any MIS-related position you have. They joined with the motivation and drive to learn as much as they could about your company and ensure they did whatever it took to become the best possible fit. MISSO gives them the directions in order to attain that goal.

As a sponsor, you will receive priority in selecting your Professional Meetings date and Career Mixer spot. Earlier meeting date gives you access to more available candidates to hire from. MISSO provides extra training including Coding Time, which is to provide extra assistant in MIS courses. We also value your feedback from the hiring process and adjust our training to accommodate. Hiring from MISSO ensures that you get a fairly well rounded candidate since we expose our members to different volunteer events and socials.

Sponsoring MISSO is a small investment on your part that will yield great hires for your company. We look forward to hearing from you.

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One of the ways for MISSO to interact with it’s members is with the Committee Program. Each MISSO officer will have a committee member to work with them throughout the semester and help them with anything that may come up. Not only is this a great opportunity for anyone hoping to become a future officer, but also gives you something substantial to put on your resume. Below is a list of committee positions available with a short description. Fill out the form below and choose your desired position to be considered as a Fall 2014 MISSO Committee member.

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                      MISSO Mission Statement

                      The Management Information System Student Organization is dedicated to investing in its members. MISSO provide members with professional, educational, and leadership opportunities throughout their educational careers. MISSO encourages members to build on their hard and soft skills before they graduate and helps them become the type of well balanced, well networked, and qualified candidates that businesses are looking for today.

                      The Management Information Systems Student Organization aims to put each member in the best position to succeed as students at the University of Houston. We do this by providing an atmosphere of fellowship and scholarship in learning, and partnering with employers in mutually beneficial relationships to help jump-start careers. MISSO believes in actualizing academic pursuits with real world professional development. We’ve been working to create success professionals since 1982 and work diligently everyday to continue this legacy of excellence by developing the future one student at a time.

                      Experience The MISSO Edge!

                      MISSO works to facilitate enduring relationship with professors, alumni, and professionals. The resources available to our members are invaluable as students conduct their studies and in their future as IT Professionals. As you build the foundations of your academic pursuits through the University of Houston as a student, membership in MISSO will build upon that foundation and establish your professional networks.


                      MISSO serves as a liaison between top employers, faculty, alumni and its members. As an organization we work to facilitate a dialogue with recruiters on the local and national level. MISSO strives to emphasize our members’ presence to firms to enable professional relationships and potential career opportunities. ProfessionalExample

                      Professional Events

                      As an organization we regularly offer Professional Events to provide our members with great networking opportunities and gain valuable insight in the inner workings of the IT profession. Professional Meetings are events where companies send their recruiters to talk about their respective organizations while also meeting with our members to seek out potential future employees. The MISSO Career Fair is an exclusive Business Technology focused Career Fair for our members to meet with a plethora of recruiters. Both events allow recruiters to meet our members, find candidates for their open positions and give members invaluable information for their professional development.

                      Educational Events

                      EducationalExample Our educational events allow our members to reinforce their academic pursuits or to gain new skills. Regardless of the situation, we work to invest in the skillset of our membership by offering educational services. MISSO offers Educational Workshops to serve as review sessions for our members covering material from the University’s most technical classes. Before any Java, Database, or Transaction Processing examination, MISSO’s education officers hold review sessions to better prepare our members for the difficulties they can face from these fields. Officers have dedicated Committees to ensure the success of our members and diligently work to easing the learning process as much as possible. As students, we understand some of the difficulties that can come from learning a new skillset, therefore let us work together in our pursuit of academic excellence! Whether you are a new student, an upperclassman, or you just want to learn, MISSO has everything you need to make your envisioned success story a reality.


                      Social Events

                      MISSO’s social events provide a place for our members to build relationships, work together and learn from each other. We regularly conduct Bake Sale Parties to give our members experience on the complexities of business projects while exposing members that partake an opportunity to engage in a team framework for a successful objective. MISSO believes in giving back to the community. We offer Community Service opportunities for our members to gain important experiences in teamwork events. We strive to make our city and our community a better place for our fellow citizens helping with a minimum of two local humanitarian projects every semester.  



                      Joining MISSO, isn’t just joining an organization, it is becoming apart of a tight close-knit community.

                      As a member, you will receive:

                      MISSO Career Mixer

                      MISSO provides our members with our own Career Mixer with companies that are looking to hire you. No more standing in long lines and talking to companies that aren’t hiring or aren’t looking for MIS majors. As a member you are able to attend for free! It is a great way to network and be able to land that dream job/internship.

                      MISSO Resume Database

                      Not only do we help you get your resume in tip top shape, but MISSO has a personal resume database for hiring managers to get a hold of your resume!

                      Coding Time

                      We give you the opportunity to learn and brush up before the next big exam (JAVA, SQL, JavaScript, XML, ASP). We have 3 Education Officers, one for TP, Java, and Database, that can help you learn and ace your MIS classes!


                      We have socials every Thursday after our professional meetings. They allow you interact with other members and alumni that come out!

                      Professional meetings

                      One of the greatest advantages of being a MISSO member is being able to attend our wonderful professional meetings! Companies come out and talk to you about what they have to offer. You can meet employers and learn about what they do.

                      Mentorship Program

                      MISSO has a mentorship program that pairs up mentees with alumni or seniors. Mentors will be able to provide business and life skills, insight, vision and wisdom, and give you feedback to help you improve your performance.


                      Officer Nominations

                      Officer elections will be held on Thursday, April 2nd. Keep in mind that in order to be eligible to run for any officer position, members must have attended the Officer Election Orientation and a minimum of 3 professional meetings this semester.

                      This semester we will continue OPEN ELECTIONS – meaning everyone will have a real-time view of candidates that have signed up to run for a particular position. Please remember that the quality and direction of MISSO as an organization is directly dependent upon the officers who lead it. If you feel you have what it takes to work hard and bring leadership to this organization, please do not hesitate to run.

                      It is recommended to use a desktop browser for your application

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                      MISSO Graduation Stoles

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                      Officer Orientation

                      MISSO will be holding an Election Orientation for members on March 26, 2015 at 06:00pm in Melcher Hall Room 180. It will cover responsibilities and requirements for officer positions open for Fall 2015, as well as the election process. Subsequently, sign ups will open that night. Attendance is mandatory to run for office, so even if you’re just considering a position please attend. If you cannot attend, send an email to or 24-48 hours in advance prior to the event.
                      MANDATORY requirements:
                      Must have attended 3 meetings this semester.
                      Paid member.
                      Attendance is mandatory to run for Office.

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                      Paintball vs ISM

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                      MISSO Banquet

                      MISSO Banquet is quickly approaching! It is on Wednesday May 13th at 6:30PM at Crystal Ballroom at The Rice! This semester has passed by insanely quick and it is almost time to end it and send off our graduating seniors! There will be food, dancing, mystery awards, raffle prizes, photo booth and speeches.

                      TICKET PRICES
                      Registration for the first 75 people will be $10.00
                      After that it will increase to $15.00 per person.

                      DRESS CODE
                      Cocktail Attire (Google Image: Cocktail Attire if you are not sure)

                      DATE / TIME
                      Wednesday May 13, 2015 @ 6:30PM – 12:00AM

                      Crystal Ballroom at the Rice
                      909 Texas St Suite 106F,
                      Houston, TX 77002

                      1) You may valet your car at Crystal Ballroom for $16
                      2) You may park on the street at a meter for free
                      3) You may park on a parking lot around the area
                      (We would suggest leaving your car at school and carpooling so you can split the valet!)

                      Once you park please go inside of The Rice, take the elevator to the second floor, you will see it immediately.

                      Reserve your spot today and join us for the end of semester celebration.
                      This event is open to everyone, so don’t forget to invite your friends, family and significant others.
                      Note: We will not accept payments in cash or at the event. If you have any comments or questions, please contact Parisa Koochack at

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