Scholarship Essays

MISSO Scholarship

The following essay prompts are for the MISSO Scholarship. Each of the amounts if located at the end of the paragraph. To submit your essay please email Due December 6th at 11:59P.M.

MISSO of the Future

o What do you think makes a successful and effective Business Student Organization? Give ideas for what MISSO could and should look like in the future. This may include types of events or strategies that would truly add to MISSO’s goal of preparing its members for the workforce, but it could also be changing the entire mindset and approach, for instance, changing the way elections are done or how PMs are run, whatever you think of! Try to add specific details to explain and illustrate how that idea can/will impact members and their future endeavors. ($300)

MISSO for everyone

o We want everyone to know about MISSO, but how do we make that happen. How do we market the wonderful opportunities that MISSO offers to everyone, so more people can reap the benefits of this organization. Design, build, create a promotional piece, that will help us reach out to more people! This could be a flier, a pamphlet, a music video, a short movie, an add, an Instagram post, ANYTHING! And also, write a short paragraph on why you think this is the best way to get the attention of the audience you desire to reach. ($300)

MISSO and I!

o Tell us about your personal story with MISSO. How has MISSO impacted you? This can be academically, socially, professionally, this prompt is very open ended, so make it yours and tell us anything and everything about your relationship with MISSO. (But here’s the twist, throughout the essay, you need to draw a parallel between MISSO and anything else) For instance, MISSO is like a beautiful sunrise by the beach, I have to wake up early for it and work for it, but it is immensely worth it at the end. Try to make it as creative as possible and don’t forget to make it yours! ($400)