Scholarship 1 ($300)

What is the greatest benefit you gained out of MISSO this semester? What do you believe MISSO can do next semester to continue to provide its members with the best opportunities to succeed as IT professionals?

Min 600-Max 800 words, double-spaced

Scholarship 2 ($225)

What is one emerging technology that has great potential to impact society? Think of some ways a degree in IT can further this emerging technology and how you as a future IT professional can take steps to participate in this field.

Min 500-Max 600 words, double-spaced

Scholarship 3 ($225)

If an important technology were to suddenly disappear, describe the effects of its disappearance. Explain how you would be able to accommodate this loss.

Min 500-Max 600 words, double-spaced

Scholarship 4 ($300)

Examine the MISSO website and suggest improvements to a certain section. To do so, create a user story (in the format: “As a user when I click on this button, I expect it to do or see XYZ”) and include user requirements. Make sure to explain why you chose those improvements. Lastly, create a visual of what the changes could look like.

Min 300-Max 400 words

Scholarship 5 ($225)

Make an informational graphic for future MISSO members that contains successful student tips! The graphic can come in any media form such as a flyer, brochure, or pamphlet. Describe your reason for choosing those tips and your creative process while designing the graphic.

Min 200-Max 300 words

Scholarship 6 ($225)

Create a promotional piece that will help MISSO reach out to more people! This can be a flyer, pamphlet, music video, short movie, ad, an Instagram post, ANYTHING! Feel free to be super creative! Then write a short paragraph on why your idea is the best way to get the attention of your desired audience.

Min 200-Max 300 words


Please email your submissions to by no later than December 6, 11:59 PM. Make sure to put the subject line of the email in this format: Firstname_Lastname_StudentID_Scholarshipnumber.

DISCLAIMER: Scholarship applicants will be required to attend MISSO virtual banquet on December 12th to hear scholarship winners announced. Failure to attend this portion of the virtual banquet forfeits your award money if you are chosen as a scholarship award recipient.

This is a great opportunity to earn some scholarship money that is only restricted to MISSO members, reducing competition. We hope to receive submissions from all eligible participants and can’t wait to see your creativity! Please reach out to if you have any questions or concerns.

Operations Committee Scholarships

This semester the Operations Committee is offering 3 amazing scholarships! You can find the details below:

3 Scholarships ($300, $100, $100)
Deadline: December 9th, 11:59 PM
Email applications to

Requirements to apply:
Attend/participate in at least 1 Operations or Fundraising event
Attend at least 1 Professional Meeting
Attend at least 1 Professional Workshop

Scholarship 1 ($300)

LPrompt: Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are two technologies with potential for a wide range of applications. Currently, devices that utilize VR or AR are few and have very specific applications. However, advancements in technology are allowing these devices to gradually become more available and used by more people in consumer and commercial sectors.
With what we know about VR or AR today, think about a future where VR or AR technologies are widely known and used in everyday life.

Write a minimum 1000 maximum 1500 word essay (excluding Works Cited page) about how you predict Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality (or both) will shape the future.

Scholarship 2 ($100) – Logos

Prompt: Design a new MISSO logo and a logo of committee of your choice

MISSO logo must have “MISSO” and “Management Information Systems Student Organization”

Logos must be professional & appropriate

Write 200 – 300 words describing the meaning behind the logo

Make sure the logo is placed within the word document.

Scholarship 3 ($100)

Prompt: Create a meme that describes your time in MISSO this semester. In a Word Document, write a description that explains how it relates to MISSO

200 – 300 words

Place meme before description within the word document.

Operations Committee Scholarship Submission

Instructions to applicants:
Email subject line: “First Name Last Name”
Email Body: relevant scholarship(s) that applicant is applying for ex.”Scholarship 1”, “Scholarship 2”, etc.
Attached are the files. Files will be titled as “FirstName_LastName_S#”
“S” stands for scholarship
Ex. document title: James_Nguyen_S2.png