Officer Elections

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Deadline for Java and TP Officer submissions is Wednesday at midnight (12/9/20).

Deadline for Team Intern submissions is Thursday at midnight (12/10/20).

To Run for Officer positions please do both of the following:
Choose one Officer deliverable from the selection below, download and complete that deliverable then upload as a PDF onto the submission form down below.

Java and TP Officer Run Off Elections will be on Thursday, December 10th at 5:30PM through Zoom. Team Intern Elections will be Friday, December 11th at 5:30PM. Election Presentations, such as a slideshow, must be submitted via email to and by the position’s respective midnight deadline.


Run Off Election Positions

Team Intern

Role Description:
The Team Intern will meet with the officer that corresponds with that particular week to discuss plans and begin the shadowing process. Throughout the week, the intern will be assisting with the officer with their duties while also observing and providing their feedback. At the end of the week, the intern will meet with the intern manager to discuss their experience, provide feedback, and talk about what is next. This role places a huge emphasis on adaptability, time management, and accountability.

Java Officer

Role Description:
As Java Education Officer, my primary job is to host coding hours twice a week to help MISSO students in the Java course. I cover the assignments chapter by chapter to help students write and debug code, and provide an opportunity for them to ask questions and get practice outside of class! I also lead the Java committee, which is a group of students that help me set the agenda and run coding times and workshops.

TP Officers

Role Description:
As the TP officer my responsibilities include hosting coding times, helping members with any questions they have via email, and running the TP committee. As head of the TP committee, I assign relevant TP tasks for each member to do so that they can learn (new people do easy work, experienced people do hard work). The creation of relevant material for studying is also a responsibility that all TP officers share.

Database Officer

Role Description:
First and foremost, the Database Education Officer is in charge of providing quality educational assistance to students taking SAD, DB1 courses or just have a general interest in this field of study. Secondly, the DB Officer can provide their experiences working with databases to work alongside the Tech Officer in creating and maintaining the MISSO backend structure. As the DB Education Officer, I make sure to approach every student with a welcoming tone because I believe every question is worth asking. 

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