What is MIS? Management Information Systems (MIS) is the study of technology and business organizations. MIS emphasizes people, processes, and information technologies that are used in organizations. MIS majors use technology to improve the quality of life for both businesses and individuals, which involves improving operations, adding value to products, innovation, and new product development.

Why Join MISSO? The Management Information Systems Student Organization (MISSO) strives to put each member in the best position to succeed as students and professionals. We provide opportunities for our members to get involved with other MIS majors, Bauer, and our community. MISSO values each member and aims to do everything possible to help members succeed. Members will gain invaluable employer exposure, educational workshops, peer networking, a mentorship program and much more!

Professional events provide opportunities for members to learn about companies, meet recruiters, and expand their professional network.


Got an exam coming up? MISSO’s got you covered! Our education officers have workshops for different MIS courses. 


From socials to volunteering events, members have the opportunity to get to know one another and become part of the MISSO community.

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