Frequently Asked Questions

The Management Information Systems Student Organization is the premier business information technology student organization in the C.T. Bauer College of Business that strives to put each member in the best position to succeed as students and professionals. We provide opportunities for our members to get involved and connect with other companies for potential future jobs.
Anyone can sign up to become a part of our community! You do not have to be an MIS major to join. We accept all majors even if you are not a part of the Bauer College of Business, although our career mixer is only exclusive to MIS majors.
Why yes there is! Instead of us just telling you what the benefits are, we decided to reach out to previous alumni members for their stories on how MISSO changed their lives.
Dress code is usually dependent on the type of meeting. Generally speaking, most of our meetings are business casual, but we will provide details on our Facebook events page on the exact type of dress code to expect for every upcoming meeting.
Follow our newsletter and become an insider to receive weekly emails about our upcoming events and professional meetings. Also feel free to sign up with text notifications via SMS for daily changes.