Fall 2018 Officers


Rubi Vasquez

Outside of MISSO and my academics, some of my favorite hobbies include staying active, watching movies, and finding the next best place in Houston for coffee!

Juan Castillo
Vice President

Outside of school, my hobbies include bodybuilding, traveling, and trying out new food. I'm also a huge fan of The Office and could eat Chipotle just about every day!

Eddy Leon

When I'm not balancing a budget or taking care of business, I enjoy watching the 100, playing video games, and listening to the latest musical hits. You'll often find me alongside my husky puppy, Luna.

Ahmed Ansari

Some of my favorite things to do are hiking, taking pictures, and binge watching TV! Most of y'all are already the homies, but if you aren't then come find me to become one!

Azeema Momin
Administrative VP

For someone in such a technical field, my hobbies are on the opposite side of the spectrum! I enjoy reading, writing, cooking, and fashion blogging on Instagram. I also LOVE meeting new people and learning from them, so come on over and say hi!

Seong Min Choi
Corporate Relations

If I had to choose what I love most apart from my family and friends, I would have to go with my best friend — Cold Brew Coffee! I am passionate about my growth in Mixed Martial Arts and my contribution to the current success and future development of MISSO and its members.

Deyja Vu

Whether it be looking at memes or being active in the gym, some of my other interests is watching a ton of anime and eating sushi. Feel free to reach out to me if you see me around, because I enjoy making new friends!

Quan Le

Outside of school, I've been a loyal fan of Dragon Ball for the past two decades. I also love to play sports, especially volleyball and tennis. FYI, I can spend all day talking about those things.

Albert Gomez

For my interests and hobbies, I have a newfound love for cooking and gardening. I also enjoy playing video games and I even built my own gaming PC!

Adolfo Gracia
Education: Java

In addition to my school activities, my hobbies include eating at new places, taking care of my two dogs and cat, as well as cooking. I'm also interested in cars and can often be found watching Doug DeMuro's newest YouTube videos!

Kenny Van
Education: TP

I'm into gaming, binging Netflix, and watching anime so come find me if you just want to talk!

Rizwan Khan
Education: DB

In my free time outside of school, I enjoy playing and watching sports such as football, basketball, baseball, and soccer. I also enjoy playing fantasy sports, traveling, as well as staying active.

Vanessa Marrufo
Member Relations

Over the years I've gained an interest in trying new and exotic foods. It's such an exciting journey and there is still more for me to learn. When the weather is cool, I also enjoy long strolls after a long day of productivity!

Julie Hess
Public Relations

As much as I love reading textbooks and studying for exams, my real hobbies are traveling, staying active, and being a total foodie! I love visiting new cities and countries and eating at local restaurants!

Katherine Corrigan
Professional Development

When I'm not slaving away on my classes or work, I love watching crime TV shows, traveling to big cities, and talking aesthetic pictures of my pet cat! Definitely say hi if you see me at the Nook, since I'm there almost every day to nurse my coffee and sugar addiction!

Pascual Moreno
Media Relations

I am someone who is friendly, candid, and loves to spend time at school. I would definitely say I am a jack of all trades, master of none.

Yohana Ortiz

Some of my favorite things to do include dancing, working out, and traveling. I am passionate about challenging myself and seeking the next best adventure and I also love meeting new people so feel free to reach out!

Dr. Michael Parks
Faculty Advisor
Paul DeCarlo
Technology Advisor